Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Time Flies...

It's funny how every time I write a post I tell myself that I'll be up and writing the next one within the next day or, at most, next two days. It's funny because it never actually happens (as I'm sure you've all already noticed). So yes, another week almost done and gone (thankfully) and another midterm under the belt means I can finally return to more "entertaining" activities (at least in my book), such as blogging (duh), reading and catching up on all those delightful Daily Show and Colbert Report episodes I've been missing out on.

Of course this is only a minor reprieve as I'll once again be plunging into midterms galore next week with two test cases (basically pre-clinical lab exams), one midterm and a Powerpoint project. Joy.

On a different note, I'm happy to say that last Friday was a blast and that I really enjoyed listening to and meeting with Assemblyman Mark Leno and interacting with the pharmacy students for their first ever "leg" (short for legislation) day. It didn't hurt that I got a fancy dinner that night free of charge at the Alumni House (a sweet pad, if I do say so myself) and enjoyed a lively discussion with some faculty members and other students. For a recap of Leno's speech, feel free to read my article on it, which will be out in tomorrow's edition of Synapse (another shameless plug, I know).

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