Sunday, April 29, 2007

Putting Things into Context

I'm sure you've all heard that tired cliche that goes something like this (my apologies in advance for butchering it): "I feel like just a speck of dust in the universe." Well, I've just stumbled upon a cool picture in a fascinating Discover blog posting that lends credence to this thought, at least in terms of the wider blogosphere (i.e. all the blogs in existence).

The post cites studies that suggest that approximately 60 million blogs are now online and that about 175,000 more are created every day (or, in other words, 2 every second). Now keep in mind that most of these new blogs are, in the words of the blogger, "either abandoned or isolated," so the sheer number doesn't necessarily signify much (yours truly is a case in point). The blogger then ventures into some of the more popular blogs (both by number of links and page views), including Daily Kos and Boing Boing (two of my absolute favorites, one for the politics, the other for the eclectic mix of postings), and provides a nice concise explanation of how some blogs hit the big time while others fade into obscurity.

I believe my blog falls into the latter category.

The blogosphere is the most explosive social network you’ll never see. Recent studies suggest that nearly 60 million blogs exist online, and about 175,000 more crop up daily (that’s about 2 every second). Even though the vast majority of blogs are either abandoned or isolated, many bloggers like to link to other Web sites. These links allow analysts to track trends in blogs and identify the most popular topics of data exchange. Social media expert Matthew Hurst recently collected link data for six weeks and produced this plot of the most active and interconnected parts of the blogosphere.

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