Friday, December 15, 2006

Booking it for the Holidays

So I just discovered this new "widget" (I'd describe the term but I wouldn't really be able to do justice to it, suffice it to say it's a little fun icon/picture you can interact with) that allows you to list the books you're currently reading. As an avid reader (I have about 15 or so books gathering dust on my shelf), it's been really hard for me to be cut off for the last ten weeks, having to satiate my literary hunger by reading the occasional The New Yorker and The Economist, I'm excited that I'll finally have some free time now to get some quality time with a few of the books I've been wanting to read.

The first three I'll be going through are listed on the lower right side-bar, and I'll be updating it every now and then with new selections.

I realize you may not care about what I read since this blog is mainly about my life as a DENTAL student, but I felt it would add a little bit more of a personal touch to it and give you another window into my mind. That, and if you have any recommendations for me (or want some feedback on the books), please feel free to chime in.

It's... Finally... OVER!

Whew, so my first quarter of finals is now over, and I can finally breathe a sigh of relief and look forward to a few weeks of nothingness back home starting on Sunday. So yeah, I wasn't exactly diligent in reporting on my finals as I had initially promised, but the extensive amount of studying I had to do and the (little) sleep I got soaked up the brunt of my "free" time.

Needless to say, the finals were brutal. Though it was a close match, I'd have to give the edge to PRDS over anatomy since you have both didactic material and lab work to prepare for (though anatomy lab kicked my ass all over the place too). The other finals weren't as hard but were by no means easy.

Here's hoping the fall quarter of first year is really the hardest one...

Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Final Countdown...

It's hard to believe that exactly a week from now I'll be flying out from Oakland to head home to sunny Southern California for my first D-school winter break, having (hopefully) survived what promises to be an arduous finals week. So here's what the schedule looks like:

Monday - Oral Radiology and Patient Centered Care (i.e. PCC) Final
Tuesday - Anatomy Practical and Anatomy Written Final
Wednesday - Histology Final
Thursday - Preventative and Restorative Dental Sciences (i.e. PRDS) Final and Scientific Methods Final
Friday - Tooth ID Final

Tuesday and Wednesday will definitely be the hardest days though I expect Thursday's final will give me quite a bit of trouble as well... Let's just say that I'll be home-free Friday at 9:40 AM once I finish the tooth ID final, after which I can *finally* kick back, breathe deeply and enjoy a few weeks of NO studying.

Stay tuned to see how I navigate through these first few exams... if you dare.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

A (Early) Christmas Miracle

Wow. Color me surprised (and I do mean REALLY surprised), but I never would've expected to see my old alma mater, UCLA (proud 2005 Bruin graduate), beat its long-time nemesis (and football powerhouse) USC this Saturday.

Considering how poorly UCLA football had done in the past few weeks (a sad reality that had only worsened after the team lost its starting quarterback, Drew Olson), I had already written the game off and would've been perfectly satisfied had the Bruins not been too thoroughly decimated by the Trojans. I find it especially hard to believe that the Trojans, who needed to win in order to seal a spot in the BCS Championship game to face off against the mighty Ohio State Buckeyes, blew this game so badly after delivering another solid season under the tenure of Pete Carroll.

Fortunately, we only have one USC alumnus (a very proud one at that) in our class so I can't say that I'll be seeing too many dejected faces come Monday morning (quite the contrary, actually, since we have about 9 UCLA alumni including yours truly). Though I was never able to relish the sweet, sweet taste of victory of UCLA football over USC football during my undergraduate years, it's nice to see the tide finally turn after a painful 7 year drought.

Looks like Santa came early this year.